"CHITKUL" - The Last Village of India

“CHITKUL” – The Last Village of India

Coordinates: 31.3518411°N 78.4368253°E

Nearest city: Rampur, Himachal Pradesh

Around 580 kilometres and around 20 hours from the country capital, Delhi, Chitkul is a village at Kinnaur valley in Himachal before China border and the last place of the country where you can visit without any permit.

Isn’t it interesting! It is the highest village in northern India having an altitude nearly 3500 meters but still lower than the snow clad mountains around the village transforming it into an unbelievable scenery with Baspa valley on it’s right and Sangla on the left. Far from the crowded tourist places like Manali and Shimla, it has a population of just 1000 people with not many tourists. As you enter the village, you’ll find yourself amazed by the houses with slate and wooden plank roofs, each having different structures of the roofs, doors and windows. Each house has a peculiarity of its own but the stairs and digital tv dishes on their rooftops are identical. Land nearby is fully occupied with mountains, river Baspa, pine trees, apple orchids and if you’re lucky enough, you can spot a snow leopard in one of the three wildlife sanctuaries in Sangla village or somewhere else.

The attractions nearby are Kamru Fort, an 800 years old establishment where Kamakshi Devi(only non-Buddhist deity) Temple is situated, Mathi Temple, hydro flour mill, Rakcham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary, rejoice at Baspa River banks and the amazingly beautiful scenery around. You can have Kinnauri hats from there as a memory of your trip. You can take health back to your home in the shape of dry fruits and apples from there also. You can have food in the resorts and restaurants nearby.

In brief, Chitkul is a must visit if you’re planning to visit a cool new place to visit this as it is still not known to many people and have the originality of nature.

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